The Pink Rose Buds

Rose Damascena, generally known as Damask Rose is known
as  “Gole Mohammadi “ in Iran.
Rose damascena is an Ornamental plant and is one of the most important species
of Rosacena family.

Iranian Rose Damascena is unique in the world and the major cultivation
of this type of Rose in Iran are Shiraz, Kashan and Kerman.

Darab (Located at 250km drom Shiraz) is the main production center of
Pink Rose Buds.

The Pink Rose Buds are picked before sunrise by workers.

The harvesting process of Rose Damascena is a very beautiful season.

in this season (May) many Festivals are held in Shiraz and Kashan.

One of the important Festivals is  “Golabgiry “ and many people from different parts
of country and world come to join to these Festivals.

Pink Rose Buds are packes in 10kg cartons or any packing as per customers request.